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A Three-Year Giving Journey at Reclamation



“Now To Him” is the title that we have given to our upcoming stewardship campaign. I will be sharing more about this Biblical phrase, but we believe that as God continues to lead, He will meet the financial needs that are ahead. In this stewardship campaign, we will ask every household to prayerfully consider making a sacrificial commitment — over and above your ongoing tithes and offerings — to be given over the next three years.



The space that God gives us will never be just a place on a hill where we congregate; it will be a source of light for the lost, a source of community for the abandoned and the reclaimed alike, a source of equipping for the believer, and a source of empowerment for those who are sent. It will be a source, and as our appetites for truth, worship, community, and mission are whetted through our coming together, the real impact of our building will be reflected as we go out from it each week seeking to glorify God by making disciples.